Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Tabitha Urgent: A Dream Fulfilled – RN Urges Former Peers to Keep Moving Forward

“Our Hardest Struggles Results in the Greatest Rewards”

Tabitha Urgent takes photo in nursing scrubs

On Friday, Dec. 11, Tabitha Urgent will celebrate earning a Bachelor of Science Degree during an online ceremony. She will be in the third cohort of nursing students to receive their Bachelor in of Science in Nursing on the Albert A. Sheen Campus on St. Croix. “I always wanted to be a nurse and help people,” says Tabitha Urgent. “Since elementary school, I knew I wanted to be in the medical field.” 

“When I was younger, I created a fake clinic with my Barbie dolls and teddy bears and acted as a nurse,” she recalls. Tabitha began her journey to become a nurse when she enrolled at the University in 2015. She excelled academically throughout her freshman, sophomore and junior years. 

Her journey to become a registered nurse, was going smoothly, then tragedy struck. “In the fall of 2016, I lost my twin brother, that was the first traumatic experience for me,” she says. Despite this tragedy, Tabitha decided to continue to pursue her nursing degree. “Normally people would say take a break or take some time off,” says Tabitha. However, with a goal in mind she decided to persevere. “Losing my twin brother has been my motivation to continue school,” she adds.

Through hard work and dedication, Tabitha was accepted into the School of Nursing program and was on the Dean’s List for four consecutive semesters. She also received the title of ‘junior female with the highest G.P.A.’ or grade point average.

Classes were going very well, but in December of 2018 her life suddenly changed. Tabitha lost her mother as a result of a pulmonary embolism during heart surgery. “It was pretty bad. People told me to take a break, others questioned how I would be able to continue school, however; I returned to school in January. The nursing professors, Dean Lansiquot and everyone were so supportive,” she recalls.

“When I lost my mom, it was very hard. I remember how proud my mom used to be. Even though I was just a nursing student, she always told people, ‘my daughter is a nurse’,” Tabitha says.

While in the School of Nursing, Tabitha became a mentor for other nursing students where she encouraged and motivated them. “I always tried to be there for my classmates,” she says.

Earning her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing is a tribute to her mother and twin brother, Tabitha says.

Upon earning her degree, Tabitha successfully completed the National Council Licensure Examination or NCLEX-RN earning the title of registered nurse. “I am so grateful for the UVI Nursing program. The nursing program is a hard program, but it really prepares students,” she says. 

With her childhood dream now a reality, Tabitha has decided to pursue a Master of Science in Nursing degree at Chamberlain University, with the hopes of becoming a family nurse practitioner. Tabitha wishes to gear her focus toward the field of mental health.

As living proof that anyone can accomplish their dreams, Tabitha encourages and motivates current nursing students to keep moving forward. “Don’t give up. If this is something you really want, you must work hard for it. There may be days where you’re crying or feeling hopeless, but I’ve learned that our hardest struggles result in the greatest rewards.”