Monday, June 24, 2013

UVI Choir and WUVI Receive Presidential Award

UVI President Dr. David Hall presents (left to right) Voices of Inspiration 
Choir Director Josephine Thomas, Albert A. Sheen Campus Dean of 
Students Miriam V. Osborne Elliott, UVI Student Government Association 
President and choir member Kevin Dixon and Voices of Inspiration 
Advisor and Director of Student Housing Dr. Priscilla William with 
the Presidential Award.

Two student organizations were awarded the University of the Virgin Islands President’s Appreciation Award on Saturday, June 15, at the UVI Board of Trustees meeting on St. Thomas. UVI President Dr. David Hall presented the awards to WUVI, the University’s student-run radio station, and to UVI’s Voices of Inspiration Community Choir. At every Board meeting, Dr. Hall recognizes individuals or units that are going beyond the call of duty with the award. This is the first time the awards were given to student groups.

UVI Voices of Inspiration Community Choir
Dr. Hall said he always wanted to have a UVI choir and there was a choir on the Albert A. Sheen Campus on St. Croix that performed at orientations with five or 10 students without music. “Though I was certainly glad there was a selection from the choir I knew there was another level that we could reach,” said Dr. Hall. He asked that the choir be revamped and the Voices of Inspiration Choir was born. “There are times when a president says to administrators or to faculty that you want something and you hope that it will come about, but very rarely will you see it come about in ways that exceed your imagination,” said President Hall.

In the fall of 2012, Dr. Hall noted that the choir sounded so much better and was accompanied by live music.  He commented to choir coordinators that “this is so impressive that we need to have a concert in the spring.” President Hall said he expected the choir to perform a few selections dressed in robes. “What I experienced at the spring concert was something that was just breathtaking,” said President Hall. “It was one of the most fantastic performances not only have I seen here, but at any university that I have attended. It was a combination of drama, music, digital performances and the Great Hall was transformed into a big theatre and I was just really blown away.” 

On Saturday, Dr. Hall presented a plaque to choir director Josephine Thomas Lewis, UVI Dean of Students Miriam Osborne Elliott, staff advisor Dr. Pricilla Williams and choir member and SGA President Kevin Dixon. Voices of Inspiration choir members on St. Croix were able to view the award presentation via teleconference.

UVI President Dr. David Hall presents award to WUVI Station Manager 
April Rose Fale-Knight, Communication major Akila Henry, 
Communication graduate Leslyn Tonge, WUVI Activity Director and 
Assistant Professor of Communication Dr. Alexander Randall and 
graduate Linda Ritter.

WUVI 1090 AM
Dr. Hall presented the second award to Assistant Professor of Communication Dr. Alexander Randall and UVI Communication students for the fact that the new radio station WUVI 1090 AM is now available via the internet, at, and that it broadcasts the Tom Joyner Morning Show. “We are able to reach out now to not only this community and make them aware of what UVI is doing, but through the internet we are able to make the world aware of what we are doing,” said Dr. Hall.
“One of the things I feel has changed the culture of this University is the fact that we now have our own radio station,” he said. “What we did was create a canvas where our students could now perform and paint their masterpieces.”

The WUVI plaque, which Dr. Hall read at the Board meeting states: “In recognition of the students and Dr. Randall for managing and implementing the first full-scale radio station at UVI. Your vision, dedication and professionalism have demonstrated the unlimited power and potential of broadcast communication. Through your efforts the world now can hear the voice of the University.”