Wednesday, December 9, 2020

UVI Graduate Finds Her True Path

Ozziesha Liburd attend TMCF Leadership Insitute

 As the first in her immediate family to earn an undergraduate degree, Ozziesha Liburd plans to become a businesswoman.  With her a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from the University of the Virgin Islands, Ozziesha has set forth the foundation for her future.     

However, her path to finding her career path was not always clear. Earning a business degree wasn’t her first choice. Ozziesha enrolled in UVI as a biology major with plans of one day becoming an optometrist. Quickly realizing that a career in optometry may not be for her, she transitioned over into the School of Business where her love for marketing began.

“I took Introduction to Marketing with Dr. Lydia MacKenzie,” says Ozziesha, who was struggling to find something she was passionate about. “I loved it so much and I also loved Dr. McKenzie as a professor.” After changing her major 3 times from biology to business management and then accounting, Ozziesha finally settled on earning a degree in marketing.

Ozziesha remembers conducting hours of research, taking the lead in many group projects, and putting together a number of marketing plans and strategies. “It was really a lot of work, but I learned so much from those experiences,” she says. She also encouraged many of her peers and friends to take marketing classes.

In 2017, her life suddenly changed course. “My father fell ill, so I had move in order help take care of him,” says Ozziesha. She recalls how challenging it was trying to manage her course work online while also taking care of her father. “It was pretty hard, but I had a great support from my family, friends and professors.”

Ozziesha Liburd takes photo at SGA Ceremony

Staying committed to her academics, Ozziesha later returned to St. Thomas to continue her education in person. Her commitment towards her academics and a new love for marketing did not go unnoticed. Throughout her four years at UVI, Ozziesha maintained a spot on the Dean’s List and in 2019, she was inducted into the Golden Key International Honor Society.

Ozziesha Liburd takes photo at Dean's List ceremony

Making the most of her college experience, Liburd attended the Thurgood Marshall College Fund Leadership Institute (TMCF) and also served as treasurer of Student Government Association. She remembers the excitement she felt when she discovered she would be attending the TMCF leadership institute. “I was so happy. I experienced so many wonderful things while at the leadership institute,” says Ozzeisha. She had the opportunity to interact with a number fortune 500 companies and interviewed with The Kellogg Company.

Excited to be graduating with the UVI Class of 2020, Ozziesha is looking forward to opening her own business. “I’m still trying to figure out that part of my life, but I feel much more confident in pursuing my goals. My time in the School of Business as a marketing major, I believe has prepared me well,” she says.

Ozziesha would like to encourage current students to not give up. “Don’t give up. There were points where I did not want to continue college, but I am happy I decided to persevere.”