Monday, September 29, 2014

Miss UVI Brings Home National Crown

Miss UVI Elisa Thomas is crowned Miss National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame Queen on Sept. 27 in Atlanta.

Miss UVI Elisa Thomas made history when she won the title of Miss National Black College Alumni (NBCA) Hall of Fame – becoming the first Miss UVI to win that crown.

At the competition held from Sept. 24 to Sept. 28, in Atlanta, Elisa bested 29 other college queens from Historically Black Colleges and University’s (HBCU) around the country for the title of Miss NBCA Hall of Fame. In addition to winning the crown, she won the “Hats and Heels” segment of the competition.

The NBCA queen contestants are judged in four categories, including talent, poise, image, and personal and private interviews where the contestant has up to two minutes to introduce herself and discuss her platform. Miss UVI’s platform was domestic violence awareness. As Miss NBCA, Elisa will serve as a national representative and advocate of HBCUs, and will receive an academic scholarship and other prizes.

UVI has been represented at the Miss NBCA Hall of Fame pageant for many years and several UVI queens have placed in the top five. Elisa is the first Miss UVI to win the crown.
The NBCA competition is sponsored by the NCBA Hall of Fame organization, which is dedicated to the growth and development of HBCUs through scholarships, internships, training and technical assistance, alumni recognition, and programs to encourage humanitarian involvement.

Here’s a selection of comments from the UVI social media sites. A stunning array of photos is also available on these Facebook pages.

Miss UVI Elisa Thomas with her NCAB Crown.
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UVI Facebook Page –

  • Bonita Bradley Congratulations! Your Queen is PHENOMENAL! Truly a beautiful woman! She represented your institution with Grace, Elegance, Poise, and Class!
  • Sally L. Browne – Go UVI !!!!!CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!
  • Alicia Barzey – Congrats Eliza!!!!!!_
  • Davis LaVerne – Congratulations beautiful lady! you have done us proud!

STX Student Activities Page –

  • Dale Morton – Congratulations Elisa and your team.
  • Andrea Wilson – Congratulations MS Elisa Thomas and the committee that accompanied her. We are very proud of you. iRep UVI
  • Kimberlee I'msolovingmerightnow Smith – Congratulations Elisa Thomas I am so proud of you.
  • Joshua Emmanuel Edwards – Congratulations Queen Elisa Thomas honor and Grace is yours. Blessings to your committee and all who supported you and encourage you to succeed.
  • J Millin Young – So happy for our Queen Elisa!
  • Beyond Elegance – Words can't explain the Joy in my Heart!!! My Gem.. Queen Elisa Thomas.. Congrats from your fellow Gems & I... We are proud of... My ppl UVI on the raise.. this is jus the beginning she made History... 1st Miss UVI to become Miss NBCA .... Andrea Wilson this year will be Epic.....
  • PerAnkh Khamniversity – Congratulations!!!! Well deserved! Reign well and enjoy the experience so that HBCUs in the USA know about the Virgin Islands. Yeh meh son!
  • Senator-Myron D. Jackson – Congratulations! Job well done!
  • Claude Steele – Congratulations. So Proud!
  • Miriam Osborne Elliott – Awesome achievement! So Very Proud of You All! Continue to Soar!

STT Student Activities Page –

  • Nolma Eddy – I predict that she will be the 1st ever to represent the Virgin Island at the Miss USA pageant and win! She is soooooo beautiful! I know Marie shining down from heaven right now!
  • Karen Gutloff – So proud of Elisa. Beautiful, talented, and Smart!
  • Beranice StunninglyNatural Wade-Westerman RN – Beautiful!!! Congratulations... 
  • Mayda Pereira – Congrats and you look beautiful! 
  • Colleen Mae Williams – Congrats Bubbles!! 
  • Florinell Joseph – Job well done Elisa, nothing but the best!. Congratulations!!! And thank you for representing the Virgin Islands so well. 
  • Denise Fahie – Yeah Bubbles!!!! 
  • Marcia Thomas – Uncle is looking down at his queen from heaven about.The skies the limit cuz Thomas family is so proud of you. 
  • Pretty Brown Eyz – Congratulations Elisa........EXCELLENT JOB!!!!!! 
  • Suzie Richardson-Bruno – She is so beautiful....congrats mama 
  • Staying-Faithful Dee – Beautiful young lady; well poised in that regal gown...CONGRATULATIONS 
  • Terry Wynn Cody – That gown is beautiful.. 
  • Monica Ryan – Gorgeous gown. 
  • Sonia Frett-Colbourne – Beautiful............... Keep it up Sweetheart. 
  • Anastasia Not'Nyce Smith – CongratsElisaThomas...job well done 
  • Rima Davis – Elisa you are simply amazing! Congrats!!! 
  • Irma A Lake – Love the dress 
  • Tessa Liburd – Congrats Elisa. 
  • Gerda Hughes de Morales – So awesome!!!! 
  • Craigitoo Rico – Wooow. Miss over-dressed!!!!! Congratulations to you!
  • Beverly Thomas-Benjamin – Congrats cuz!
  • Nika Davis – She looks gorgeous and Congrats to her 
  • Alnesah Popo-Febres Skee-wee – Congrats .. She looks stunning
  • Dee Thomas – Great job!

Thomas captured the 2014-2015 Miss UVI title at the 34th Annual Miss UVI Ambassadorial Competition on April 12, at the Reichhold Center for the Arts on St. Thomas. The twenty-year-old Thomas also took home the titles Most Intellectual Speaker, Best Performing Talent, Best Business Wear, Best Ambassadorial Presentation and Best Evening Wear during the show.

She received a full year UVI scholarship that includes tuition, room and board. The junior communication major was born on St. Thomas and attends UVI on the St. Thomas campus. She aspires to work as a news anchor, host events, and produce and host her own local television show. Miss UVI serves as a goodwill ambassador for the university, including participating in UVI's recruitment efforts, representing the University locally and abroad, and maintaining a highly visible role on UVI's campuses on St. Thomas and St. Croix.