Wednesday, September 25, 2013

UVI Artist in Residence Dion Parson Presents Cymbal Kit to Music Department

UVI Artist in Residence Dion Parson, center, presents a cymbal kit to the University’s Music Department. Accepting the donation are Dr. Lorna Young-Wright from the Music Department and President David Hall.

UVI Artist in Residence Dion Parson presented a cymbal kit to the University’s Music Department on Thursday, Sept. 19. Parson works with UVI students and instructors in a number of areas, such as the Jazz Band, and teaches a UVI class in applied percussion. He hopes the cymbal kit will serve as a basis for building a complete, professional drum kit on which UVI students can practice and perform.

The kit is valued at approximately $1,800 and was provided to Parson for the donation by the manufacturers, Dream Cymbals and Gongs of Toronto, Canada, with whom Parson has an ongoing professional relationship. Parson said the hand-made kit, which includes a 14-inch “hi-hat,” 18-inch and 16-inch “crash” symbols and a 22-inch “ride,” is “top of the line equipment, not what you would find in a typical student set.”

Music Professor Lorna Young-Wright said receiving the cymbals was wonderful. “I am very pleased about the donation.” UVI President Dr. David Hall also thanked Parson, and said the University is delighted to have him serving as Artist in Residence. “This is just one small way that his contribution is going to enhance our program. I see this gift as a symbol of what we hope will be additional equipment for the music program.”