Friday, January 18, 2013

UVI Aquaponics System Featured on NPR in Washington, D.C.

The UVI aquaponics system

UVI's world renowned aquaponics system is in the news again, this time in a National Public Radio report produced by WAMU, 88.5 FM, from American University Radio in Washington D.C. Reporter Sabri Ben-Achour's story features a Virginia man's catering company that includes an aquaponics garden – based on principles developed by UVI researchers – inside his warehouse. Included in the story is a brief interview with UVI Agricultural Experiment Station Research Specialist Don Bailey extolling the virtues of the system. The UVI program, has trained hundreds of people from around the world in the process. For more information, contact Bailey at

The text of the interview, as well as a link to hear the radio report, is featured on the WAMU website at this story link.

More information on UVI Aquaponics System courses is available from the UVI Agricultural Experiment Station webpage - Click on the "Aquaculture" tab.