Friday, January 18, 2013

Golf Carts Donated by Mahogany Run Provide Improved Access on St. Thomas Campus

Shown with the new carts are, from left, Security Officer II Rashaun Lindquist,
Sargeant Barbara Maynard and Student Housing Director Sean Georges.

Four departments on UVI's St. Thomas campus – Security, Physical Plant, Student Housing and the Reichhold Center – are the beneficiaries of the recent donation of five golf carts by Mahogany Run Golf Course. The Campus Security Office has received two of the carts and has begun using them for regular patrols. The carts, which are gasoline powered, offer much better mileage than existing patrol vehicles. In the future they will be customized with security beacons and lighting for use at night. In addition to fuel efficiency, the carts provide greater flexibility and expanded access to many campus areas.

Mahogany Run General Manager Kristine Macken said the golf course has always been a supporter of the Virgin Islands community, and that education is a key part of that. "Although the contribution of the carts may not be the most traditional of gifts," Macken said, "it is our hope that the addition of the carts to UVI’s existing fleet will facilitate greater accessibility and increased security for students and staff alike.”