Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Alternative Spring Break- A Week of Service, Creativity and Paws for a Cause


Alternative Spring Break Participants take an exciting group photo


Paws for a Cause


Humane Society of St. Thomas


   Students in Paws for a Cause collaborated with the Humane Society of St. Thomas and became pet foster parents for one week. As pet foster parents, students spent time bonding with their chosen pet, taking them on walks, feeding, bathing them, cleaning their cages, and advocating for the dogs and cats in need of a permanent home. Since 1957, the Humane Society of St. Thomas has been sheltering animals, fighting cruelty, and animal neglect and working to create an environment of respect, responsibility and compassion for all animals throughout the territory. 


At the ASB closing ceremony on Friday March 11, inside of West Hall, participants in Paws for a Cause expounded on their experiences while working with the humane society. 

Destinee Turnbull



  I’m more so a dog person, I like cats too, but I like dogs because they are more active, but I fell in love with this one cat named Berlin,” said Destinee Turnbull. Throughout all my cat experiences, this was the first cat that allowed me to give them a belly rub. He was very loving, affectionate and sweet. I enjoyed my time with all the animals, but Berlin and I made a really great connection.” 


Kahlifah Powell


 Kahlifah Powell spent her week bonding and building a connection with her “Pitbull furry friend Lamar”. “Lamar loves to run and jump with excitement when he sees me,” said Powell. He was actually the first dog I saw that I got an instant connection with. We spent a lot of time walking up and down the hill, and just honestly enjoying each other’s company.”  



Angelisa Freeman

Angelisa Freeman spent her time with a terrior by the name of Frenchie, a total lady as she described. “Frenchie loves the outdoors and exploring and just loves her belly rubs,” said Freeman. When Angelisa and Frenchie went on walks, she never pulled on her leash or chased cats. She is very calm and pleasant to be around. An overall a very lovely dog. 



Teh'Rhon Rabsatt


For The’Rhon Rabsatt, although cats aren’t necessarily his favorite animal, he spent his week learning the ways of all things cats. Rabsatt’s foster pet was a cat by the name of Wind. “Wind was the cat that changed my opinion on how I felt about cats. He’s really chill and gentle, he never once tried to scratch or bite me or run away,” said Rabsatt. “Basically, I love this guy, if I could adopt him I would, so if you or anyone you know happens to have a home and nice place for Wind, I would encourage you to adopt him.”