Friday, June 21, 2019

UVI Recognizes and Congratulates “30 Under Thirty” Alumni

Photo by: Virgin Islands Consortium

Congratulations to UVI alumni who were named “Top Millennials under 30” this month by Senator Kurt Vialet. Ten alumni were recognized at an event held at the Company House Hotel in downtown Christiansted, St. Croix. The alumni honored have earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in fields ranging from biology, communication, business, and education. Furthermore, many have gone on to pursue careers in business, engineering, entrepreneurship, education, music, and firefighting.

"I believe that it is important for us to have a generation of individuals who could aspire to be just like who you are," Sen. Vialet said in an article by the VI Consortium. "Aspire to accomplish what you have accomplished; to dream and know that it can be possible; to rid themselves of negativity and know that accomplishment is possible for Virgin Islanders."

UVI Alumni Recognized as “Thirty Top Millennials Under 30” included:

Charles Goodings, Jr. - (‘17) is the owner of an online clothing store named “Apollo Legion.” He is a 9th grade English teacher, and a DJ.  Goodings earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

Raydiance K. Cherubin - (‘14) is a 4th grade mathematics teacher at the Alexander Henderson Elementary School on St. Croix. Cherubin earned a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences.

Gemel Joseph - (‘14) is a Biologist, Ph.D. student, and a teacher assistant. Joseph earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

Cherise M. Burton - (‘13) is an engineer at Ford Motor Company, a tech entrepreneur, and a doctoral candidate at Texas Tech University. Burton earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

Troy Williams - (Special Alum) is an IT professional, a Villanova Cyber Security Engineering graduate student, and a board member for the Special Olympics and Caribbean Museum of the Arts USVI.

Wilson Ferrance, Jr. - (‘14) is a deputy inspector and is currently the 2nd certified and youngest peace officer with the Arson and Prevention Service in the Virgin Islands Fire Service. Wilson earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management.

Erick Willie, left, and Kevin Dixon, right
Kevin Dixon - (‘14, ‘17) is a full-time doctoral student pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration with a focus on leadership studies. Dixon was one out of 72 individuals chosen by former President Barack Obama as a White House HistoricallyBlack Colleges and Universities (HBCU) All-Star student.  He was also selected by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation as an emerging leader. Dixon earned an Associate of Arts in Business Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Marketing (‘14), and a Master of Arts in Business Administration (‘17).

Erick Willie - (‘14, ‘17) is a Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) District Coach and adjunct Professor of Music. Willie has received outstanding achievement awards in Music Education and educational leadership and is an honoree of the National Society of Leadership and Success. Additionally, he is the first tubist to graduate from UVI. Willie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education (‘14) and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership (‘17).     

Chris Sealey - (‘17) is a process operator, radio and media personality, and the first student to start a successful college radio show on the St. Thomas Campus and the Albert A. Sheen Campus on St. Croix. He also coordinated the first Limetree Bay Olympics. Sealey earned an Associate of Applied Science in Process Technology.

Kareem Eugene - (‘15) is a high school teacher at the St. Croix Educational Complex. Eugene earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication.