Tuesday, February 19, 2013

UVI Student and President Spend Day Reversing Roles; Public Invited to Hear Their Experiences

UVI President for a Day Marsha Laurencin (right) addresses UVI Cabinet members (far left) Vice President for Institutional Advancement Dionne Jackson, Chief of Staff to the President Dr. Noreen Michael, Vice President for Administration and Finance Shirley Lake-King and Vice Provost for Access and Enrollment Judith Edwin.

UVI President for a Day Marsha Laurencin and Dr. David Hall spent Monday, Feb. 18, reversing their roles as part of the University’s first-ever President for a Day initiative held on the St. Thomas Campus. Dr. Hall began his day of course work and student activities by walking to Laurencin’s 8 a.m. organic chemistry class, while Laurencin spent the morning meeting with Dr. Hall’s executive staff, touring the Administration and Conference Center and visiting with staff. Her afternoon included lunch with a UVI Trustee and a special meeting of the President's Cabinet.  Dr. Hall’s afternoon involved walking to the Center of Marine Science and Environmental Studies to attend a two hour lab where he dissected a lionfish and analyzed lionfish behavior. He ended his day with a Zumba Class at UVI’s Wellness Center. 
UVI President Dr. David Hall (center) dissects lionfish at the Center of Marine Science and Environmental Studies with the help of Dr. Richard Nemeth, research professor of zoology and marine biology (left) and Nikita Thompson, UVI student on Feb. 18. Videographer Sean David captures the moment.
UVI President Dr. David Hall participates in Zumba class at UVI’s Wellness Center on Feb. 18.
The community is invited to hear Laurencin and Dr. Hall discuss their experiences in a special session set for 2 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 21, in the Neil Weiss Educational and Seminar Suite in West Residence Hall. The session will also be available via videoconference in Room 713 in the Evans Center on the Albert A. Sheen Campus on St. Croix and in Room 103 of the St. John Academic Center. Albert A. Sheen Campus students should stay tuned for their chance to vie to be President for a Day when the initiative next moves to St. Croix. A news release is available from the UVI homepage – http://www.uvi.edu.

UVI President for a Day Marsha Laurencin (left) meets with UVI Board of Trustees member Edward Thomas during a working lunch on Feb. 18.
Take a look at the special, sneak preview of a full-length video covering the day UVI student Marsha Laurencin and UVI President Dr. David Hall switched roles.