Monday, August 25, 2008

Workshop Draws Addiction Professionals on St. Thomas

A diverse audience of some 43 professionals – including police officers, first responders, mental health counselors, social workers, paramedics, dental health professionals and nurses – attended a workshop on addiction and the role treatment with buprenorphine can play in helping addicts on Friday, Aug. 15. Held on UVI's St. Thomas campus, the workshop featured Jorge Nogales Marin, Clinical Psychologist and Assistant Director of Psychological Consultants of Puerto Rico, at right, who discussed the serious national health concern posed by the abuse of and addiction to powerful pain relievers known as opioids. He provided overview of a training program now available that incorporates the use of a medication called buprenophine to help addicts overcome opioid abuse. The workshop was presented by the Universidad Central Del Caribe of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands Department of Health's Division of Mental Health and UVI's Counseling Services Office. For details, contact Andrea Hamm at 340-693-1136.